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Water Softeners and Salt

Model: WS355HF
Product code WS355HF BWT WS355 HF Luxury Water Softener Easy to Install - most models will fit into a kitchen cupboard Smart water monitoring - for greater efficiency Rotary valve - for reliability Electronic control system - softener adapts to your lifestyle Easy to set up and..
Ex Tax:£629.58
Model: ADVPM002
Product Code ADVPM004 Advantay MiniDUE Lime Scale Prevention Acqua Brevetti MiniDUE ½ Liquid Water Softener  Prevents limescale build up and corrosion for whole house or individual appliances.  Brilliant Eco alternative to a traditional Water Softener.  No electricity, no waste and ..
Ex Tax:£166.16
Model: ADVPC100
Product Code ADVPC100 Replacement Pouches Pack of 4 250Grams (1 years supply)..
Ex Tax:£35.33
Model: MIDI
Product Code MIDI Monarch Midi water softener Family Size 1-5 The Monarch Midi water softener is suitable for all types of plumbing systems.  All systems are supplied with an installation kit and flexible hoses to suit traditional plumbing systems. (storage tanks in roof)  However for c..
Ex Tax:£688.37
Model: ROCK
Product Code SALT Pink Rock Salt 20Kg Bags (50 on a pallet) Local delivery only.  Will refund if you are not within 10miles of either TN16 or SE9..
Ex Tax:£5.04
Model: ZGRAN
Granulated salt Bagged in 25 Kg in a heavy duty bag..
Ex Tax:£12.25
Nut salt Bagged in 25 Kg in a heavy duty bag..
Ex Tax:£12.25
Product Code SLTBLK / MERCHBLOCK Water Softener Block salt 8Kg two 4Kg salt block per bag with carrying handle suitable for all leading makes of block salt water softeners BWT high quality salt..
Ex Tax:£6.00
Model: SSTEL
Telescopic snow shovel ideal for having it in the car for the emergency situation.  clearing around your wheels and car.  also a deep head to clear large areas of snow..
Ex Tax:£14.99
Wooden Snow Shovel.  with large head and plastic handle.  wooden shovel ideal for clearing drive ways and pathways..
Ex Tax:£8.33
Product Code TEKILA Water Hardness Test Kit includes 60tabs  ..
Ex Tax:£10.52
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