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Herschel IQ R2 Receiver
Product Code TR-1 Herschel IQ R1 Receiver Individual 16 amp receiver designed to operate as: R..
Ex Tax: £31.67
Herschel IQ T2 Thermostat inc Receiver
Product Code TT1 Herschel Remote Thermostat and Receiver Kit Herschel’s control solution for heati..
Ex Tax: £57.50
Herschel XLS Battery Operated Wireless Thermostat
Product Code TWH1 Herschel Central Control Unit Herschel’s iQ Link Pack allows you to coordinate a..
Ex Tax: £57.50
Herschel Advantage Space IR2 1300W
Product Code IR2-1300 Herschel Advantage IR2 Space Heater 1300Watts Either Balck or Silver/White ..
Ex Tax: £288.33
Herschel Advantage Space IR3 1950W
Product Code IR3-1950 Herschel Advantage IR3 Space Heating IR3 1950Watts Ceramicx 760mm x 100..
Ex Tax: £315.00
Herschel Advantage Space IRP4 2600W
Product Code IRP4 Herschel IRP4 Advantage Space Heating 2600Watts Powered by Cermacx 750mm x ..
Ex Tax: £649.17
Herschel Inspire Blackboard 120 x 80cm 1150W
Product Code HB-1150 Herschel Inspire Blackboard Panel Frameless 120cm x 80cm 20Kg ..
Ex Tax: £1,060.00
Herschel Pulsar IR 2.4Kw or 1.8Kw
Product Code IR-PULSAR-1800W Product Code IR-PULSAR-2400B Herschel IR Pulsar Suspended Heater Eith..
Ex Tax: £1,399.17
Herschel Select Glass Panel White 550W
Product Code GH-500-W Herschel Inspire Glass Panel White Radiator 80 x 60 x ..
Ex Tax: £528.33
Herschel Select Glass Panel Black 550W
Product Code GH-500-B Herschel Inspire Glass Panel Black Radiator 80 x ..
Ex Tax: £528.33
Herschel Select Glass Panel White 750W
Product Code GH-750-W Herschel Inspire Glass Panel White Radiator 90 x 70 x ..
Ex Tax: £657.50
Herschel Select Glass Panel Black 750W
Product Code GH-750-B Herschel Inspire Glass Panel BlackRadiator 90 x 7..
Ex Tax: £657.50