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Water Conditioning

Water Conditioning
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Aquadial Combi Care Replacement Cartridge
Product Code AC002400 Aquadial Combi Care 15mm Scale Reduction Cartridge ONLY Unless hard water in..
Ex Tax: £32.76
Aquadial Combi Care Scale Inhibitor 15mm
Product Code AC002100 Aquadial Combi Care 15mm Scale Reduction System Unless hard water in your he..
Ex Tax: £61.22
Aquamaster GC Replacement Filter Cartridge
Product Code AQUAGC Salamander Aquamaster GC Water Purifier Cartridge 1/4" Male Iron Thread on one..
Ex Tax: £29.75
CALMAG 15mm Scale Reducer
Product Code SI-CALMAG Calmag "Calming troubled waters" Magnetic 15mm Compression Scale Inhibitor ..
Ex Tax: £14.88
CALMAG Acidic neutraliser
Product Code AN-CALDENSATE For Condensing boiler Acidic Neutraliser A Condensing boiler is a high ..
Ex Tax: £30.02
Fridge Water Filter Cartridge 1/4" Taste Great
Product Code GREATTASTE Great Taste Water Filter For Fridge's 1/4" The new Taste Great filters..
Ex Tax: £12.50
Liff Filter Cartridge Taste & Odour Removal
Product Code C1 Liff Water Filter Cartridge Granule activated carbon Better taste and less expe..
Ex Tax: £29.75
Minidue 1/2" Water Softener
Product Code ADVPM004 Advantay MiniDUE Lime Scale Prevention Acqua Brevetti MiniDUE ½ Liquid Water..
Ex Tax: £148.75
Minidue 250Gram Pouches x 4
Product Code ADVPC100 Replacement Pouches Pack of 4 250Grams (1 years supply)..
Ex Tax: £30.63
Water Hardness Test Kit
Product Code TEKIC Water Softener Test Kit  ..
Ex Tax: £15.87
Watergem Filtered Drinking Water Kit
Product Code WG21/Watergem Watergem Filtered Water Kit comes complete with tap, filter,&n..
Ex Tax: £30.55