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T4 Tubes

T4 Tubes
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Eterna Replacement Tube 10Watt 341mm
Product Code N64/3 Eterna 10W Replacement Tube 341mm Without Pins 353mm With Pins 3400K ..
Ex Tax: £3.78
Eterna Replacement Tube 16Watt 468mm
Product Code N64/5 Eterna 16W Replacement Tube 468mm Without Pins 480mm With Pins 3400K ..
Ex Tax: £3.20
Eterna Replacement Tube 20Watt 567mm
Product Code N64/7 Eterna 20W Replacement Tube 567mm Without Pins 580mm With Pins 3..
Ex Tax: £4.25
Eterna Replacement Tube 6Watt 220mm
Product Code N64/1 Eterna 6W Replacement Tube 220mm Without Pins 230mm With Pins 3400K ..
Ex Tax: £3.45
Robus 16 Watt T4 Tube 453mm
Product Code LFT416 Robus 16W Replacement Tube 453mm Without Pins 467mm With Pins 16W..
Ex Tax: £4.00
Robus 20 Watt T4 Tube 552mm
Product Code LFT420 Robus 20W Replacement Tube 552mm Without Pins 566mm With Pins 20 ..
Ex Tax: £5.00
Robus 30 Watt T4 Tube 750mm
Product Code LFT430 Robus 30W Replacement Tube mm Without Pins mm With Pins 30Watts ..
Ex Tax: £6.00
Robus 6 Watt T4 Tube 219m
Product Code LFT46 Robus 6W Replacement Tube 219mm Without Pins 233mm With Pins 6 Wat..
Ex Tax: £4.10
Robus 8 Watt T4 Tube 325mm
Product Code LFT48 Robus 8W Replacement Tube 325mm Without Pins 340mm With Pins 8Watt..
Ex Tax: £4.10