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Audio Visual (AV)

In This Section You Will Find A Comprehensive Range Of Products For Audio, Visual And Data Distribution Requirements.  Television Brackets, Telephone Outlet And Modular RJ45 Equiptment.

Model: 120.808UK
Product Code 120.808UK AVSL 12 Element Digital Aerial LTE/4G Protected Low cost high quality aerial suitable for contract work. Rugged reflectors and rear deflectors, with 'F' balun. Protected against LTE/4G. Ideal for contract work Protected against LTE/4G..
Ex Tax:£14.27
Model: 120.805UK
Product Code 120.805UK AVSL 14 Element Wide band 12db High quality Digital Aerial 14 Element Wide-band 12dB high quality digital aerial. No tools required to assemble or mount the aerial on the pole. Protected against LTE/4G 14 Element Protected against LTE/4G Easy non-tool assembly..
Ex Tax:£19.82
Model: 120.809UK
Product Code 120.809UK AVSL 20 Element Mini Compact Digital Log Aerial 20 Element 7-10dB, high quality, end mount digital aerial. Easy installation with the use of F-Connectors. Multi use clamp allowing vertical and horizontal mounting. Protected against LTE/4G. Very ... Compact and discreet d..
Ex Tax:£15.72
Model: 120.807UK
Product Code 120.807UK AVSL 28 Element 12db Log Periodic End Mount Digital Aerial 28 element end mount digital aerial that provides easy installation with the use of F-Connectors. Multi use clamp allowing vertical and horizontal mounting. Protected against LTE/4G. Easy installation Can be mo..
Ex Tax:£23.70
Model: 120.954UK
Product Code 120.954UK AVSL Alloy TV Aerial Mast Straight Constructed Of 32mm Diam 1.2mm Guage Alloy 1.83M In Length and 570Grams This Mast Is Ideal For Any Instalation...
Ex Tax:£11.70
Model: 120.953UK
Product Code 120.953UK AVSL Alloy TV Aerial Mast Swan Neck Swan neck and straight mast made of superior extruded aluminium alloy suitable for all aerial installations...
Ex Tax:£12.68
Model: 120.935UK
Productr Code 120.935UK AVSL Galvanised Wall Bracket Heavy duty wall brackets with hot dipped galvanised finish Suitable V Bolts 120.846..
Ex Tax:£7.60
Model: 120.803UK
Product Code 120.803UK AVSL High Gain 32 Elemnent Wideband UHF Aerial Cross element high gain aerial designed to give greater performance in weak digital signal areas. Receives both analogue and digital signals. Ideal for areas with bad picture ghosting. Note: Pole n Electronic..
Ex Tax:£24.87
Model: 120.940UK
Product Code 120.940UK AVSL Loft Mounting Kit Complete Loft Mounting Kit With Black Plastic Bung. Supplied With Bolt, Bracket, Clamp and 18" Alloy Mast..
Ex Tax:£8.78
Model: 120.901UK
Product Code 120.901UK AVSL Wall Bracket Kit Heavy Duty Welded Bracket Comes Complete With 2 x 1.75" V Bolts..
Ex Tax:£6.44
Model: AV7
Product Code AV7 HDMI Cable with Ethernet 10M Length..
Ex Tax:£18.08
Model: AV2
Product Code AV2 HDMI Cable with Ethernet 2M Length..
Ex Tax:£4.72
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