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Siamp spares

Siamp spares
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Siamp 470mm Cable For Optima 50
Product Code 34495309 Old Code 34495300 Siamp White 475mm Cable for Optima Drop Valves Product it..
Ex Tax: £9.83
Siamp 95L Side Entry Brass 1/2" & 3/8"
product code: 30950007 Siamp 95L Side Inlet Valve 3/8" Brass comes with 1/2" attatchment to suit al..
Ex Tax: £12.56
Siamp 99B Bottom Entry 1/2"
Product cpde: 30996007 Siamp Bottom inlet Valve 1/2" Plastic A very popular valve used to replace ..
Ex Tax: £11.00
Siamp 99T Bottom Entry Brass 1/2"
Product code: 30992110 Siamp 99T Bottom inlet telescopic valve with brass shank.  very poopula..
Ex Tax: £12.18
Siamp Doughnut Washer
Product Code 34031909 Old Code 34031907 Siamp Dougnut Washer..
Ex Tax: £4.32
Siamp Inlet Valve Diaphragm Washer
Product Code 34951309 Old Code 34951307 Siamp Inlet Washer Diaphragm for Water inlet valves black ..
Ex Tax: £2.73
Siamp Optima 49 Dual Flush Push Button
Product code 34494909 Old Code 34494907 Siamp Optima 49 Dual Flush button This item comes suppli..
Ex Tax: £8.33
Siamp Optima 49 Flush Valve & P/Button
Product code: 32499910 Siamp Optima 49 Flush valve & Push Button copmlete with cable connecting..
Ex Tax: £21.54
Siamp Optima 50 Dual Flush Push Button
product code 34495009 Old Code 34495007 Siamp Optima 50 Push button including Shroud and white fix..
Ex Tax: £8.33
Siamp Optima 50 Flush Valve & P/Button
Product code 32500210 Siamp Optima 50 Flush drop Valve and pushbutton complete with connection cabl..
Ex Tax: £22.45
Siamp Optima Outlet Seal
Product code: 34490509 Old Code 34490507 Siamp Optima Drop Valve Flush Washer black rubber compoun..
Ex Tax: £4.98
Siamp Pan to Cistern Fixing Bolts Kit
Product Code 34504107 Old Code 34504120 Siamp Pan To Cistern Coupling Bolts..
Ex Tax: £4.52