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Brand: Siamp Model: 34495300
Product Code 34495309 Old Code 34495300 Siamp White 475mm Cable for Optima Drop Valves Product it white and has a 475mm Cable encorperated into a white plastic sheath. ..
Ex Tax:£11.78
Brand: Siamp Model: 30956510
product code: 30950007 Siamp 95L Side Inlet Valve 3/8" Brass comes with 1/2" attatchment to suit all toilets with a brass shanks, Plumbers are prefering the brass shanks more and more in the recent years...
Ex Tax:£15.33
Brand: Siamp Model: 30996007
Product cpde: 30996007 Siamp Bottom inlet Valve 1/2" Plastic A very popular valve used to replace a whole range inlet valves or as a direct replacement..
Ex Tax:£13.43
Brand: Siamp Model: 30992110
Product code: 30992110 Siamp 99T Bottom inlet telescopic valve with brass shank.  very poopular as a universal replacement..
Ex Tax:£14.87
Brand: Siamp Model: 34031907
Product Code 34031909 Old Code 34031907 Siamp Dougnut Washer..
Ex Tax:£5.18
Brand: Siamp Model: 34951307
Product Code 34951309 Old Code 34951307 Siamp Inlet Washer Diaphragm for Water inlet valves black rubber with two white plastic parts comprising of a crossed centre part and a piece that is U shaped proceeding through the valve..
Ex Tax:£3.74
Brand: Siamp Model: 10005023
Macdee Flushpanel Slimline exposed plastic cistern Low level Bottom entry External overflow 7/9Litre Flush 366mm x 587mm x 114mm..
Ex Tax:£42.11
Brand: Siamp Model: 34494907
Product code 34494909 Old Code 34494907 Siamp Optima 49 Dual Flush button This item comes supplied with a larger Chrome shroud which is simply discarded if not required. The Push button screws into the Optima Flush Valve...
Ex Tax:£9.17
Brand: Siamp Model: 32499910
Product code: 32499910 Siamp Optima 49 Flush valve & Push Button copmlete with cable connecting the valve to the button..
Ex Tax:£22.55
Brand: Siamp Model: 34495007
product code 34495009 Old Code 34495007 Siamp Optima 50 Push button including Shroud and white fixing bracket with a thread on the bottom to suit the optima 50 drop valve..
Ex Tax:£9.17
Brand: Siamp Model: 32500210
Product code 32500210 Siamp Optima 50 Flush drop Valve and pushbutton complete with connection cable for direct replacement or to use with a 2" Outlet..
Ex Tax:£23.49
Brand: Siamp Model: 34490507
Product code: 34490509 Old Code 34490507 Siamp Optima Drop Valve Flush Washer black rubber compound.  replaces washer at the bottom of a siamp..
Ex Tax:£5.98
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