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Boiler Spares

Boiler Spares

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Altecnic Temp and Pressure Relief Valve
Product Code 309400CST Altecnic Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve 102mm Probe 10Bar Relief..
Ex Tax: £21.68
Baxi  Auto Air Vent 105E
Part number: 248043 Description Automatic Air Vent Genuine Baxi Air Vent Brass and Plastic bo ..
Ex Tax: £10.75
Baxi  Expansion Vessel
product code 248024 Genuine Baxi Expansion Vessel, Large flat and circular Baxi System 35/6..
Ex Tax: £71.56
Baxi 3/4 Sealing Gasket 247745""
product code 247745 Genuine Baxi 3/4" Sealing gasket washer for the hydrolic assembly 248061..
Ex Tax: £2.72
Baxi Actuator
Part number 710188301 Desctription: Actuator Motor Black and White Baxi 3 way motor valve..
Ex Tax: £40.15
Baxi Air Pressure Switch
Part number:  5137532 Description: Air pressure switch Baxi product Main air pressur..
Ex Tax: £31.15
Baxi Air Pressure Switch Not Maxflu
product code 5137530 Genuine Product Combi Air Pressure Switch Baxi Combi 105 HE Baxi Combi 80..
Ex Tax: £31.18
Baxi Black Pressure Pipe
product code 5112367 Genuine Black Pressure Pipe for Baxi pressure ..
Ex Tax: £3.93
Baxi Condensate Syphon
product code 5111978 genuine Baxi Condensate Syphon Baxi Combi 105 HE Baxi Combi Instant ..
Ex Tax: £20.13
Baxi Connection Element
product code 248054 Genuine Baxi connection element to suite the following boiler Baxi Syst..
Ex Tax: £5.42
Baxi Diaphragm
product code 248066 Genuine Baxi Diaphragm DHW Pressostat spare part 104mm external diametre Bax..
Ex Tax: £9.83
Baxi Diaphragm Replacement Kit Combi
Product code 5111137 genuine Baxi Diaphragm repair kit  GC 796435 83mm External dimmensio..
Ex Tax: £10.49