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Brand: Jeani Model: JABCES
Product Code JABCES Jeani BC to ES Adaptor..
Ex Tax:£4.16
Brand: Jeani Model: JAESBC
Product Code JAESBC Jeani ES to BC Adaptor..
Ex Tax:£5.70
Brand: Jeani Model: A38C
Product Code A38C Jeani BC Chrome Lamp Holder..
Ex Tax:£4.10
Brand: Jeani Model: JDT381224
Product Code JDT381224 Jeani BELL Tranformer 3Module Din Rail Type 230V - 8/12/24V 1Amp..
Ex Tax:£25.52
Brand: Jeani Model: A73
Product Code A73 Jeani Brass 20mm Entry With Shade Ring..
Ex Tax:£5.30
Brand: Jeani Model: 706B
Product Code 706B Jeani Foot Switch 2Amp Black..
Ex Tax:£4.38
Brand: Jeani Model: 706W
Product Code 706W Jeani Foot Switch 2Amp White..
Ex Tax:£4.38
Brand: Jeani Model: 164W/25
Product Code 164W Jeani Cord Grip White Plastic 10mm Male..
Ex Tax:£0.45
Brand: Jeani Model: A41
Product Code A41 Jeani ES Black Plastic Lamp Holder..
Ex Tax:£1.94
Brand: Jeani Model: A42
Product Code A42 Jeani ES Black Plastic Lamp Holder..
Ex Tax:£2.24
Brand: Jeani Model: A40
Product Code A140 Jeani ES Porcelain/Ceramic Lamp Holder With Screw Terminals..
Ex Tax:£2.44
Brand: Jeani Model: A42SCW
Product Code A42SCW Jeani ES White Plastic Shade Ring..
Ex Tax:£0.83
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