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Worcester Bosh

Brand: Worcester Bosh Model: WOR7716191085
Part number 7716191085 Worcester Flue Elbow 45Dg Bend Pair of..
Ex Tax:£97.12
Brand: Worcester Bosh Model: WOR7716191084
product code 7716191084 Worcester 90 degree elbow allows easier installation and location of the boiler allowing you more flexibility when deciding where your boiuler should be located..
Ex Tax:£52.43
Brand: Worcester Bosh Model: WOR87161061420
product code 87161061420 Worcester Air vent to fit on pump assembly to suite the following boilers Worcester 24I Junior FSN NG Combi Worcester 24I Junior FSP LPG Combi Worcester 28I Junior FSN NG Combi Worcester 28I Junior FSP LPG Combi..
Ex Tax:£12.94
Brand: Worcester Bosh Model: WOR87161064450
product code 87161064450 Worcester Air vent to fit on pump assembly to suite the following boilers 12 i 12 i LPG 15 i LPG 18 i 24 i Junior 24 i Junior LPG 24 i Junior Mk5 LPG 25 Si 28 i Junior Mk5 LPG 29 CDi Classic 29 CDi LPG 30 CDi 30 CDi LPG 34 CDi 34 CDi Classic LPG..
Ex Tax:£14.05
Brand: Worcester Bosh Model: WOR87161405000
product code 87161405000 Worcester bosh Automatic air vent for instalation with the following boilers, auto air vent ZMMIS055 Worcester 15SBI FSN NG System Worcester 230 FSN NG Combi Worcester 240 BSN NG Combi Worcester 240 BSP LPG Combi Worcester 240 FSN NG Combi Worcester 240 FSP LPG..
Ex Tax:£12.60
Brand: Worcester Bosh Model: WOR87155058830
Part Number 87155058830 Worcester Bearing Plate Worcester bosh bearing plate replacement for worcester boiler..
Ex Tax:£13.91
Brand: Worcester Bosh Model: WOR87110041680
part number 87110041680 Worcester Burner Seal Replacement Burner Gasket for worcester boiler..
Ex Tax:£20.95
Brand: Worcester Bosh Model: WOR87161051030
product code 87161051030 Genuine Worcester Charging Link Assembly..
Ex Tax:£52.20
Brand: Worcester Bosh Model: WOR87161201310
product code 87161201310 Worcester bosh Diverter Valve for the following boilers Worcester Heatslave 15/19 OSO Oil Combi Worcester Heatslave 15/19 RSO Oil Combi Worcester Heatslave 20/25 OSO Oil Combi Worcester Heatslave 20/25 RSO Oil Combi Worcester Heatslave 26/32 OSO Oil Combi Worcester ..
Ex Tax:£193.86
Brand: Worcester Bosh Model: WOR87161567460
product code 87161567460 Worcester Diverter Valve suits the following boiler Worcester 24CDI BSN NG Combi Worcester 24CDI FSN NG Combi Worcester 24CDI FSP LPG Combi Worcester 24CDI OSN NG Combi Worcester 24CDI OSP LPG Combi Worcester 26CDI FSN NG Condensing Combi Worcester 26CDI FSP ..
Ex Tax:£150.17
Brand: Worcester Bosh Model: WOR87161049200
Product Code 87161049200 Worcester Plastic Actuator heatslave..
Ex Tax:£154.56
Brand: Worcester Bosh Model: WOR87161083990
product code 87161083990 Worcester bosh Diverter valve 3 port acctuator head only to fit the following COMBI 55 COMBI 70 COMBI 90 COMBI 90 EXTERNAL..
Ex Tax:£121.29
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