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Plug Top Fuse 2Amp
Product Code F2 BR1362 Ceramic Plug Top Fuse 2a 2 Amp 1" x 1/4"..
Ex Tax: £0.23
Quick Acting Fuse 160M/Amp 20mm
Product Code S5160 S500 Glass Fuse 160 M/Amp Quick Acting Glass Fuse 20mm x 5mm EN60 127 Sheet 2..
Ex Tax: £0.45
Street Lighting Fuse 4Amp
Product Code LST4 Street Lighting Fuse 4Amp 240V Street Lighting fuses..
Ex Tax: £1.71
Time Delay Fuse 160 M/Amp 20mm
Product Code S54160 S504 Glass Fuse 160Amp Time Delay Glass Fuse 20mm x 5mm EN60 127 Sheet 3..
Ex Tax: £0.45
Tinned Copper Fuse Wire 10Amp
Product Code R10 Tinned Copper fuse Wire Coil 10Amp Reeled..
Ex Tax: £6.32
Anti Surge Fuse 2Amp 31mm
Product Code FAS Glass Fuse 2Amp Anti Surge Glass Fuse 31mm x 6.35mm EN60 127 Sheet 3..
Ex Tax: £1.80
HRC A1 Fuse 6Amp
Product Code NIT6 HRC Industrial Fuse 6Amp BS88:2 415V AC 80Ka A1 Range Fixing Centres 44.5mm -..
Ex Tax: £2.31
HRC A2 Fuse 6Amp
Product Code TIA6 HRC Industrial Fuse 6Amp BS88:2 415V AC 80Ka A2 Range Fixing Centres 73m..
Ex Tax: £3.05
HRC A3 Fuse 63Amp
Product Code TIS63 HRC Industrial Fuse 63Amp BS88:2 415V AC 80Ka A3 Range Fixing Centres 7..
Ex Tax: £4.74
HRC A4 Fuse 160Amp
Product Code TCP100m160 HRC Industrial Fuse Motor Rated 160Amp BS88:2 415V AC 80Ka A4 Rang..
Ex Tax: £11.93
HRC B2 Fuse 125Amp
Product Code TF125 HRC Industrial Fuse 125Amp BS88:2 415V AC 80Ka B2 Range Fixing Centres ..
Ex Tax: £11.81
HRC NS Fuse 6Amp
Product Code NS6 HRC Industrial Fuse 6Amp BS88:2 415V AC 80Ka NS Range Offset Tags Overall..
Ex Tax: £2.31