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Altecnic Careflow Thermostatic Mixing Valve 22mm
product code 521222 Altecnic Careflo ~Thermostatic Fail Safe Mixing Valve 22mm Mixcal Careflo TMV..
Ex Tax: £99.39
Altecnic Pressure Reducing Valve 22mm + Guage
Product Code 533851 Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) With Guage Copper to Copper compression with..
Ex Tax: £40.81
Altecnic Tundish 15mm to 22mm Straight
Product Code AP-400010 Tundish 15mm - 22mm straight tundish with plastic nuts Genuine Altecnic Pr..
Ex Tax: £7.16
Arctic Pipeslice 22mm
Product Code ARC22 / 443002 Arctic Hayes Pipeslice 22mm Don't waste time trying to cut pipes you ..
Ex Tax: £9.99
Boiler Mag 22mm Filter
Product Code BM22 Boiler Mag Spear and Jackson Boiler Mag Dual Flow 22mm Inline Filter High Perfor..
Ex Tax: £70.00
BWT Limebeater 22mm Push Fit Electrolytic
Product Code LIME22 Salamnder Lime Master Gold Magnetic Scale Inhibitor..
Ex Tax: £47.96
BWT Limefighter 22mm Push Fit Magnetic
Product Code LFP2-22 BWT Limefighter 22mm Push Fit Magnetic Product details   The Liff Lime..
Ex Tax: £60.97
Chrome Pipe Clip 22mm Single Ring
Product Code 2CCR22 Chrome Plated Brass Munson Ring 22mm Chrome Plate Brass Munson Ring Suitable F..
Ex Tax: £0.96
Comp Backplate Elbow 15mm x 1/2
Compression Back plate Elbow Female iron for HUB (hose union bib taps) The PC200 series of compres..
Ex Tax: £2.49
Comp Backplate Elbow 22mm x 3/4
Compression Back plate Elbow Female iron 22mm x 3/4" The PC200 series of compression fittings fitt..
Ex Tax: £5.37
Comp Blank Disc 15mm
Product Code PX37A/15 Compression Stop End Blanking Disc 15mm Top Quality Kite Marked Fittin..
Ex Tax: £1.09