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15mm x 1/2" Straight Wall Conn & Backplate
Product Code 400-40-934 Backplate Straight For Female Iron To 15mm..
Ex Tax: £2.89
50 Meter Coil of 15mm Green Oil Pipe
Green PEX Pipe 15mm Green flexible PE-X Pipe for carrying oil underground from an external tank to ..
Ex Tax: £69.64
Aladdin Easy Fit Isolator 15mm Only
Product Code EZFI01 Aladdin Easy Fit Isolation Valve (only) This fantastic Innovative Product Clam..
Ex Tax: £39.24
Aladdin Easy Fit Isolator 15mm Starter
Product Code EZFI03 Aladdin Easy Fit Isolation Valve Starter Kit With Tools An Essential item To H..
Ex Tax: £44.64
Altecnic Careflow Thermostatic Mixing Valve 15mm
Product Code 521215 Altecnic Careflo Thermostatic fail safe mixing valve 15mm Mixcal Careflo TMV..
Ex Tax: £96.44
Altecnic Pressure Reducing Valve 15mm + Guage
Product Code 533841 Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) Copper to Copper Compression with Pressure G..
Ex Tax: £32.90
Altecnic Tundish 15mm to 22mm Straight
Product Code AP-400010 Tundish 15mm - 22mm straight tundish with plastic nuts Genuine Altecnic Pr..
Ex Tax: £6.07
AltecnicMixcal 3 Thermostatic Mixing Valve 15mm
Product Code 521115 Altecnic Mixcal 3 Thermostatic Fail Safe mixing Valve ART 5211 521115 15mm Mi..
Ex Tax: £81.80
Aquadial Combi Care Scale Inhibitor 15mm
Product Code AC002100 Aquadial Combi Care 15mm Scale Reduction System Unless hard water in your he..
Ex Tax: £61.22
Bottle Vent Compresion 15mm Top
Product Code R88/2 Bottle Vent 15mm Compression With Top Finger Screw Vent. Constructed of Brass..
Ex Tax: £6.23
Bristan Thermostatic Mixing Valve 15mm
Product Code MT503CP Thermostatic Blending Valve Bristan 15mm mini valve These valves are ver..
Ex Tax: £52.92
CALMAG 15mm Scale Reducer
Product Code SI-CALMAG Calmag "Calming troubled waters" Magnetic 15mm Compression Scale Inhibitor ..
Ex Tax: £14.88