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Starrett Debris Collector

Starrett Debris Collector
Starrett Debris Collector Starrett Debris Collector
Product Code: DB2
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Price: £19.48
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Product Code DB2

Starrett Debris Collector

Suitable for hole saws up to 121mm 4 3/4"

  • Bowl flexes with minimal pressure as the hole saw is sawn. 
  • Huge potenitial time saving - there is no need to mask at risk areas prior to sawing or clean up after sawing
  • Keeps dust and other debris out of the motor of the drill
  • Suitable for hole saws up to and including 121mm
  1. Stage 1 - Pass the shank of the hole saw through the hole at the bottom of the DB2 and attatch the drill in the normal way.  always ensure that the Debris collector spins freely prior to use
  2. Stage 2 - Site the saw for cutting the hole.  the Debris collector can be pulled down to provide a better view of the work area. 
  3. Stage 3 - Drill the hole
  4. Stage 4 - All the dirt and debris from the cut hole is collected inside the debris collector
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