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Herschel IQ T1 Thermostat inc RX

Herschel IQ T1 Thermostat inc RX
Herschel IQ T1 Thermostat inc RX
Brand: Herschel
Product Code: HER-TT1
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Availability: 2 - 3 Working Days
Price: £69.60
Ex Tax: £58.00

Product Code TT1

Herschel Remote Thermostat and Receiver Kit

Herschel’s control solution for heating a room or single “zone”. Comprising an iQ Home Thermostat and iQ Receiver Switch, this pack will control multiple Herschel Infrared panels on one electrical circuit. The iQ Home Thermostat has a very clear control display and easy-to-use functions including:

  • Time of Day;
  • Target Temperature control; “Boost” and “Setback” temperature;
  • Time-of-day scheduling;
  • Daily & Weekly schedule;
  • Mode (Run, Standby, Away, Off).

To add a second room to your house (or a new “zone on a separate circuit), you will need to purchase an additional pack.

The iQ Single Room pack forms an ideal basis for adding further capability as you go.

Adding the iQ Link pack you can:

  • Manage all rooms or zones together using a PC or Mobile App (without the link, all zones remain independent)
  • Add wet radiator TRVs
  • Add other Herschel iQ systems (such as lighting and window controls).
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