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Dickie Dyer

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Dickie Dyer ABS Flow Measuring Cup
Product Code 11.083 Dickie Dyer Abbirko ABS Flow Measuring Cup Hand held weir guage for measuring ..
Ex Tax: £23.44
Dickie Dyer Brass Quad Key
Product Code 11.022 - 459943 Dickie Dyer Brass Quad Key Strong, polished brass 4-in-1 key. Comfort..
Ex Tax: £10.51
Dickie Dyer Burn Barrier 29cm x 20cm
Product Code 16.001 Dickie Dyer Burn Barrier 290 x 200mm Tough, multi-layered, multi-material desi..
Ex Tax: £26.03
Dickie Dyer Double Cranked Rad Spanner
Product Code 11.034 - 687650 Dickie Dyer Double-Cranked Radiator Spanner Double-cranked, corrosion..
Ex Tax: £8.56
Dickie Dyer Flux Brushes Pack Of 3
Product Code 11.054 - 405674 Dickie Dyer Flux Brushes 3pk Black-bristled brushes. Specially-shaped..
Ex Tax: £2.64
Dickie Dyer Light Solder Mat 250mm Sq
Product Code 11.087 Dickie Dyer Light Soldering Matt 250mm x 250mm High Performance Soldering Matt..
Ex Tax: £9.22
Dickie Dyer Maintanance Matt
Product Code 16.002 Plumbers and heating engineers maintanance mat Maintenance Mat Durable, dirt-..
Ex Tax: £43.44
Dickie Dyer Meter Box Keys x 2
Product Code 11.044 Meter Box Keys Pair for Electric And Gas    ..
Ex Tax: £2.11
Dickie Dyer Multi Purpose Plumbing Key
Product Code 11.010 Dickie Dyer Multi Purpose Plumbing Key This Unique Plumbing Tool Has A Multitu..
Ex Tax: £23.39
Dickie Dyer Multi Purpose Radiator Spanner
Product Code 11.011 Dickie Dyer Multi Purpose Radiator Spanner This Unique Radiator Spanner Manufa..
Ex Tax: £23.39
Dickie Dyer Olive Splitter 15mm - 42mm
Product Code 18.200 - 652001 Dickie Dyer Olive Splitter Strong, steel construction with vinyl-tipp..
Ex Tax: £46.26
Dickie Dyer Pump Head Removal Tool 4mm + 5mm
Product Code 18.108 Dickie Dyer T-Pump Head Removal Key Set 2pce Hardened S2 steel blade, chrome-p..
Ex Tax: £14.58